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Accounts Receivable Financing & Factoring In Atlanta, GA

For business owners in the Atlanta area, Eighth Street Capital provides the most comprehensive factoring program. Our accounts receivable financing program features:

• No debt
• No fixed payments
• No delayed or arbitrary loan board decisions
• Cash for invoices within 24 hours for Atlanta, GA businesses
• No need for collections

AR financing In Atlanta, GA Automates Accounting

By taking advantage of accounts receivable financing/factoring in Atlanta, GA local businesses can eliminate staggered payment schedules as well as the need for collections. Instead of waiting 45 days or more for collections to complete, Accounts receivable financing from Eighth Street Capital provides an immediate turnaround, so local businesses receive revenue within 24 hours without having to rely on debt.

Eighth Street Capital Provides AR Financing For All Industries

Businesses across all industries in Atlanta, GA use accounts receivable financing from Eighth Street Capital. Our clients fall into industries such as:

• Legal practices
• Staffing firms
• Construction and landscaping companies
• Contractors
• Healthcare providers
• Manufacturers
• Event planners and venues

If you own a business in Atlanta, GA and want to maximize your cash flow while reducing your reliance on loans, contact Eighth Street Capital. We will work with you to create a working capital solution tailored to your needs.