Versatile Equipment Financing Solutions

Whether your company is looking to purchase or to lease its next round of equipment, Eighth Street Capital has options available to allow you to get everything you need as you need it. For most companies, this provides an ideally versatile way to combine lease and purchase options according to the individual pieces of equipment offered, and when you need to convert equipment from one kind of financing to another, having the same vendor for both your equipment leasing and equipment loans means keeping the process simple.


One way of freeing up cash flow is to convert your equipment financing from loans to leases. Leases have the benefit of being low, fixed payments that do not count as debt overhead. They also don’t saddle you with long-term repayment schedules on equipment that could be obsolete by the time it is paid off, making them an ideal solution when you are dealing with technology that needs to be regularly updated. If you have purchased equipment and want to sell it back while leasing it for use, contact one of our associates today.

Equipment Financing for Municipal Offices

Eighth Street Capital also offers special leasing and loan terms to municipal offices and government entities. This includes:

  • Educational institutions
  • Parks departments
  • City governments
  • Law enforcement
  • State government agencies and branch offices

When your government office or municipal department needs funding for necessary equipment, contact us.

B, C, & D Credits

Last but definitely not least, we understand the ways that business cycles can lead established companies, even long-established companies, in temporary cash flow crises. When that situation begins to develop, know that we specialize in second chance opportunities and credits for restructuring, and we are committed to finding the solutions your business needs to continue operations through the tough part of an economic cycle, so you can emerge from it with a growing company that is leaner, with a renewed competitive edge.