Getting Cash to Clinicians When and Where They Need It

Those who choose to pursue careers in patient care almost always find the rewards to be more than gratifying, yet the associated challenges to be more than they ever anticipated. In order for you to be able to deliver the high-level of care that your patients both need and deserve, you need to have a good number of resources at your disposal. Not to worry, we here at Eighth Street Capital are happy to provide you with them.

What Our Healthcare Financing Programs Have to Offer

Through our medical and healthcare financing programs, we offer plenty of financial tools to help support your career. We can provide you with working capital at a great rate on loans for up to 72 months. Your application alone can qualify you for up $75,000, while your full financials could net you as much as $250,000. Other providers in the medical, dental, chiropractic, and veterinary industries have found our funding tools to be ideal solutions for issues such as:

  • Expanding their practices
  • Purchasing new equipment
  • Consolidating their debts

Don’t allow the financial challenges that come from running your own patient care clinic deter you from providing everything the perpetual well-being of your patients requires. Let us here at Eighth Street Capital help you by offering the funds needed to meet the many financial demands of your practice. To learn more about the details of our healthcare and medical financing programs, just give us a call today.