Keeping You from Becoming a Victim of Your Own Success

If you’re a manufacturer, supplier, or distributor, the perpetual demands of the market often make finding sales opportunities the easiest part of your job. When demand is so high, the difficult part becomes finding all of the funds that you need to either secure the materials needed for production or procuring pre-sold merchandise. This is where we at Eighth Street Capital can step in to help with our purchase order financing program.

What is Purchase Order Financing?

What is purchase order financing? It’s simple:

  • You put up your outstanding purchase orders as collateral for a loan.
  • We provide you with the funds you need based off the value of your purchase orders.
  • You use to money to both fill orders and see to the other needs of your business.

We make the same opportunities available to you if you’re looking for trade financing by offering Letters of Credit. Each of these options is a terrific way to help sustain and even grow your business during times in which your order volumes are high yet your cash flow is limited.

You never want it to be said about you that you became a victim of your own success. The purchase order financing program that we here at Eighth Street Capital offer will ensure that never happens. With the potential of borrowing against your purchase orders right your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to never have to worry about being stretched too thin with your finances ever again. To learn more about this exciting funding opportunity, give us a call today.