Giving You the Freedom You Need to Succeed in the Real Estate Market

Often, the key to success in the commercial real estate market is time. Not so much having an abundance of it, but rather knowing how to take advantage of it. When you finally find that coveted property, you need to act fast or risk losing it. Too many times, conventional lending methods just don’t allow for that. You’re left waiting to complete their processes while prime real estate spots are being snatched up all around you. What you need is a lender that can offer you a better, faster alternative. You’ve found that with Eighth Street Capital.

How Stated Income Loans Work

We offer a unique stated income commercial real estate loan program that’s designed to bypass all of the typical red tape inherent with standard lending. Rather than base your loan worthiness on yours or your company’s credit profile, a stated income loan takes into account the income potential of the property that you’re considering. The better the expectations of your being able to make the property profitable, the better your chances are of qualifying.

Stated income loans can be secured for all types of properties, including:

  • Multi-unit residential properties
  • Industrial and warehouse space
  • Restaurants and other hospitality providers
  • Retail and office space
  • Fast Approvals for Expedited Transactions

Loan amounts can be secured for up to $5 million with loan-to-value ratios ranging between 65 – 75 percent based off of the property being purchased. Given that time is of the essence when making such purchases, we strive to get you from application to closing in as quickly as 2-3 weeks. Such processing speed makes these loans ideal whether you’re looking to purchase a new property, refinance, or cash-out equity for a quick infusion of business capital.

Finally, you’ve found the lending flexibility needed to allow you the freedom you’ve always wanted in the real estate market. Through our stated income commercial real estate loan program, we at Eighth Street Capital can get you the purchasing funds that you need when you need them. To get your loan application started, just call and speak with one of our commercial finance experts today.