Lowering the Cost of Business Credit

Let’s face it: while a good line of credit is an advantage that nearly every business could benefit from, for some the cost is just too high. Most look to these financial tools as sources of emergency funds, so why tie up valuable business assets in an account whose funds you never hope to have to use (at least, not extensively)? On the other side of the coin, any options that don’t require you to put up collateral typically try to mitigate the risk by applying an inordinate interest rate. We here at Eighth Street Capital do neither.

Credit Lines with Terrific Incentives

Through our unsecured business lines of credit, we provide you all of the advantages a good credit line without having to give up assets as collateral or pay an insane rate. Just how good are the credit lines that we offer? Take a look at the details and see for yourself:

  • A-Paper products with 0 percent introductory offers and rates between 1-5 percent over prime on larger lines
  • A fast, no-obligation prequalification process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • Low-cost, one-time credit checks during approval
  • Depending upon the size of your business and its credit rating, you could get a line between $25,000 and $500,000.

Let us here at Eighth Street Capital give you the credit line that you deserve. Don’t worry about any of the hassles inherent with other providers; we avoid all of them. Rather, we’d like to see you and your business move forward knowing you have financial protection to back you. To inquire about opening a business line of credit with us, just give us a call today.