The Impact of Office Environment on Employee Productivity

Studies show that the ambiance of the office environment in which employees work has a significant effect on productivity. To get the most out of working hours, create a space that stimulates employees to do their best. Here are some tips to help you accomplish this.

Let in the Light

Artificial light is oppressive, while natural light is uplifting. Researchers report that too much time spent under florescent lighting leads to sluggishness and exhaustion. A windowless atmosphere disrupts circadian rhythms, which are natural factors affecting biological cycles. Draw back the curtains and let as much sunlight as possible into the office environment.

Consider the Color

Rather than accepting without question the drab beige or gray color on your office walls, consider whether something brighter might cheer everyone up and boost creativity. Green and blue inspire calmness and contemplation, while yellow gives a lift to the imagination.

Dampen the Noise

Some employees are adversely affected by the constant cacophony of background noise in an office environment. Although in a multi-worker area silence is not usually an option, do what you can to address the situation. Possible solutions include scheduled blocks of quiet time, white noise machines, and the issuance of noise-canceling headphones.

Maintain Flexibility

Although open-floor office plans encourage collaboration, they also hinder the ability of employees to focus on their work. To ensure that your personnel are able to tune into the tasks at hand, create a multifaceted office environment with not only desk spaces, but also cubicles, conference rooms, and co-working and social areas where employees can make phone calls and have discussions with colleagues without disrupting everyone else’s concentration.

Properly molding the physical work space can make the difference between employees who dread entering a drab, discouraging office or who enthusiastically look forward to the daily work experience. For more advice on the effect of office environment on employee productivity and other business matters, get in touch with 8th Street Capital.

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