How to Increase your Business Productivity to Reach your Goals

Even though technology is created every year to help businesses be more productive, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, productivity is on the decline. Rather than trying to force yourself to work harder, teach yourself to work smarter. Here are seven tips for better productivity:

• Skip the afternoon caffeine and sugar drinks. Although an energy drink may give a surge of energy, once the sugar wears off, you’ll crash. Look for alternative energy boosts, green tea, nuts or bananas are easy treats.

• Say no to distractions. Focus on work for 45 minutes at a time. Save the last 15 minutes of each hour to answer email or phone calls. Don’t use work time to balance your personal checkbook or play games on your phone.

• Live healthy. Eat good meals. Take time to sit down for a lunch, instead of snacking all day. Make sure to regularly get enough sleep.

• Replace bad habits with good ones. Identify one thing that is keeping you from being productive and find a way to replace that habit with something that has value.

• Cap business meetings at 15 minutes. If that seems impossible, hold all meetings while standing up. No one is allowed to get comfortable and see if that keeps meeting short and to the point.

• Plan for mornings the night before. Get the coffeemaker ready. Plan your clothes. Check the weather. At the end of your business day, take 15 minutes and make a list of your top three priorities when you walk in the door. It will help you focus.

• Don’t be reactive. You don’t need to answer every email immediately. Teach your staff that they can’t take up 15 minutes of your time with idle chit-chat. There’s a time and place for everything.

Don’t link productivity with compensation. Work should be a source of pride and pleasure, not simply a paycheck. Get more information about options for working capital when you contact 8th Street Capital.

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