Eighth Street Capital – The Commercial Finance Broker’s Closest Ally

As an independent commercial finance broker, you know how frustrating it can be seeing potentially lucrative deals fall through thanks to a lack of funding options. Sure, there are plenty of other financial services companies out there to which you can turn for help in funding your clients’ deals, yet most will typically look to cut you out, offering only a small finder’s fee in return. Not us here at Eighth Street Capital. We have long recognized and valued the hard work that brokers such as you do, and thus want to make sure that you’re rewarded.

Outstanding Rewards for Referrals

As a token of our gratitude for the trust that independent brokers like you place in us when referring your clients to us for financing, we offer some of the best referral incentives in the business, including:

  • Top commissions and referral fees
  • Exclusive access to an extensive network of both public and private lenders
  • Advice and assistance from our highly skilled team of commercial finance experts

Yet perhaps the best referral benefit that we offer is the fact that we don’t lock you out of the process. Of course, large deals require that we work with your client directly, yet we do everything we can to keep you involved from start to finish. We’re even willing to help beyond the deal by continuing to bring you in if your clients come back to us for financing in the future.

Better Benefits by Being One of Us

If you think the benefits that we offer for referrals sound good, imagine how much better they may be if you chose to work for us directly. All that’s available to you through our referral program is even easier to access as a member of our team. Plus, we offer an outstanding compensation structure that’s reflective of the hard work that you do.

Your career as a broker is right on the precipice of a potentially monumental change; you simply need to have the resolve to act on it. Through our referral and broker program, we at Eighth Street Capital can take you to heights you never dreamed of. All it takes is simple phone call to find out more about what we can offer you. Make that call today and kiss the financing frustrations of the past goodbye.