Small Business Owner’s Time Management Tips & Tricks

Time is the only business resource that once lost is irreplaceable. This makes it imperative that small business owners manage their time effectively. Here are some time management tips that you can implement immediately to make better use of the hours you have available to you.

Track Your Day

Before you can better manage your days, you need to be aware of where the strong and weak spots are. Log every minute of a typical work day from the time you arise until the time you retire at night. Make note of every task and activity and how long they take. Try not to do anything out of the ordinary so that you can monitor a normal day at the office.

Apportion Your Time

Research shows that most of what you accomplish at work comes from a proportionally small amount of the work you put in. Specifically, the ratio is 80 percent of results for 20 percent of exertion. The key is to find out when you are most productive and at those times intensely focus your efforts. The pomodoro technique, which involves 20 to 25 minute increments of undistracted work with five minute breaks between, helps you to concentrate.

Stay Away From Time Wasting Activities

Your workday log will starkly reveal the activities that distract you from getting important tasks done. These time wasters typically include phone calls, emails, breaks, texting, meetings, and errands. Some of these activities may need to be done, but for more effective time management, confine them to specific limited blocks of time.

Let Your Employees Help You

Training your employees to effectively take over some of your responsibilities is an integral part of small business time management. Once they have the ability to work on their own, step back, and let them carry out their tasks without interruption while you focus on what only you can do. If possible, set up your office a little apart from your employees so you are not distracted by their daily routines.

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