Time Management Tips & Tricks to Boost Business Efficiency

Time is a valuable and limited commodity, especially for today’s entrepreneur. Although technology is said to increase productivity, it’s constantly changing–and new learning curves eat up time. So how can you make the most of your days? Heed some sage time management advice:

• Record your typical use of time: For one week, note down your thoughts (aka solo planning or brainstorming sessions), interactions and accomplishments. This helps assess how you’re currently spending your time.

• Allocate time: Assign a period of time to each planning session, task/accomplishment and interaction/meeting/call that’s crucial to your business. Create a schedule, filling half your time with the planning sessions, actions and interactions that yield the best outcome and most results.

• Plan for inevitable interruptions: You’ll never completely escape interruptions, so allocate some time for them into your daily schedule.

• Define success before interaction: Before a meeting or conference call, review what you want from it. Having your goal freshly in mind, right before the interaction, increases your chance of attaining the goal.

• Interrupt interruptions: Don’t allow interruptions when you have an urgent deadline. Put up a sign or close your email window until finished with your focused, priority task, solo brainstorm session or meeting. Schedule email responses and returned calls in chunks–don’t interrupt your focus (and pre-planned schedule) to deal with each instantly. Chunk you social media time, too, unless it’s integral to gaining new business.

• Plan first: Start each day by mapping it out. Give yourself about half an hour for planning. Don’t start work until you’ve planned your activity schedule. The 80/20 rule applies to time management. You’ll likely find that 20 percent of daily activity brings 80 percent of your business results.

Although business runs by the clock, it’s the perception of time that dictates the true pace of our lives. Time is what you make of it. You define the meaning of time (you perceive it in your own way)—which means you can control it, with effective time management. Reach a higher level of results with these business time management tips. Get additional expert assistance for business success from 8th Street Capital. Contact us today.

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